October 6, 2011

Meowza! Leopard bow shoe clip-ons DIY

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ellyn! I'm so proud to be her big "seester." She was definitely an inspiration for this project, because that girl knows cheetah power.

I am currently on the quest for the PERFECT leopard print flats. This quest is taking a while, mind you, because I'm notoriously picky; apparently just as much with shoes as I am with food. I hate bananas, but some of you knew that already.

While I am particular, I'm also impatient. To give me a quick touch of leopard on my toes, I whipped up some little clip-on bows to add some feline ferocity to my basic black pumps and flats.

Soundtrack to this crafting session? Leopard-skin Pill-box Hat, of course!

Keep reading for more!

Tools and materials:
Approximately 12 inches of leopard print trim (mine's from M&J Trimming, but it's unfortunately not on their website. Try their ribbon instead.)
Black ribbon
Glue (or needle and thread)
Clip-earring backs (not pictured)

Cut trim or ribbon into two approximately 6 inch pieces.

Glue down the middle on the wrong side. Fold over each end of the trim, and add more glue if needed.

Wrap a piece of black ribbon around the middle of the bow, gluing ends on the back of the bow. Secure with a clip and let dry overnight. You could also opt to sew the trim and ribbon together instead of gluing.

The next day...

Glue clip-on earring backs to the back of both ribbons. Let dry, and then clip onto your shoes.

Purrfect. (Sorry. I had to say it.)


  1. Totally Purrrrrrrfect! I had to say it too, lol. Happy bday to your sister!

    A little of leopard touch will always be in and classy. Black shoes and leopard bows turned out so cute!

    I hope you try contact paper someday. It works best on hard smooth surfaces, like that vintage purse of mine or my cat-eye glasses.

  2. Love the touch of leopard! ;)) This ribbon is too fun I would love to wrap all my packages / presents using it!

  3. This is fantastic... nice work!

  4. Love the leopard, the shoes look great!


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