October 3, 2011

DIY Turquoise Spike Necklace

(L to R: Kenneth Jay Lane, Gemma Redux, Fenton. Images via charmandchain.com)

Fall here in New York was off to a very wet and grey start, so I had to create my own sunshine. What better way than colorful rays from a spiky necklace? Examples can be found from cultures around the globe (earning the generalized term of "tribal") to more modern pieces, like this one by artist Anni Albers, the master of found object jewelry. The necklace from Gemma Redux, above, uses stone fan pendant beads. I tried making some of my own beads of this shape with polymer clay... but things looked a little wonky and they now RIP in my graveyard of botched projects.  

I found a strand of spiky turquoise beads at a bead store for about 15 bucks and had all the other supplies, so it was a cool $400 less than buying the real Gemma Redux deal. 

How-to after the jump!

Tools and materials:
Needle-nose pliers

First, organize the beads to create triangle sections, like below.

 Slide beads onto an eye pin. Trim the pin if necessary, and bend the end into a wire loop (here's how to).

Repeat four more times.

Connect the sections together with jump rings.

Using the jump rings, attach chain and a clasp.

You're done! While a much cheaper (and lovingly handmade) than the original, you should check out the Gemma Redux collection. There are some absolute stunners using stone beads of staggered length that provide loads of inspiration.


  1. I am new to your blog and am totally smitten! I adore everything. Coming back soon, and thrilled to be a new follower!

  2. Very lovely. I love the inspiration your posts give me to do more DIY projects. I'm waiting on some beads from Ebay to arrive :) If I can find some spike beads I will definitely be trying something similar to this!


  3. You did such a good job with this... fantastic work! So profesh! :)

  4. Anonymous8:26 PM


  5. I love spike necklaces and this one is great :) The colour is very fresh... I'm also working on my own spike necklaces but in a safari-look =)
    greets Dagna

  6. This necklace is so neat! And the tutorial makes it look super easy (especially for someone who is DIY challenged like me! :) )

  7. What a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing! :)



  8. Love this necklace!! Saw it on One Pretty Thing as well, great job!! Thanks for sharing!! love, Maria.

  9. You're done! While a much cheaper (and lovingly handmade) than the original...The sun never sets on the cool...

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  11. What an inspiring site!

    Buy pearls and strands of beads from:
    Freshwater Pearls

  12. This is my favourite diy project! I just ordered spikes from ebay and looking forward to making this :)


  13. Next time you want to do something like this in poly clay, use really small-pencil size diameter-dowl rods. Cut to length, drill the stringing hole-you can use an electric pencil sharpener to get the point. THEN cover in poly clay and bake. I know it's alot of work, but if a person can't find the spike beads to purchase, this is a workable alternative.


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