October 17, 2011

DIY Mesh Tank

Whatever you want to call it, crochet, open weave, or even that four-letter, mesh, just 'cos your clothes have built-in AC doesn't mean you have to be Cher circa "Turn Back Time." (Halloween costume idea!) Heck, Raf Simon makes it look downright lady like for Jil Sander.

Left: Jil Sander S/S 12 via style.com
Right: Isabel Marant S/S 12 via fashiontoast.com

I realize some of you might find this idea abhorrent, but you're not going to be able to hide from mesh forever. It popped up again and again during these recent fashion weeks. Since this may very well be a fleeting trend, why not experiment with it? (Just don't style it like Jared Leto. Please.) DIY is the perfect way to play with trends, since you usually invest only a few bucks into the product.

Inspired by a DIY t-shirt turned market bag, this DIY only needed two things, which I'm sure everyone already has on hand. Keep reading for the how-to.

Tools and Materials:
T-shirt or tank

Estimated time: 3 episodes of Modern Family. Thank goodness for Hulu. I get so behind!

Begin by cutting off the hem from the shirt. (By the way-- doubled up the hem makes an easy no-sew headband!)

If using a t-shirt, next cut away the sleeves from shirt body. I also wanted a scoop neckline, so I cut away the crew neck too. Since you'll (hopefully) be layering this anyway, feel free to make the arm holes or neckline deep.

With the shirt lying flat, begin cutting little snips (approximately 1/2 inch) along the fold through both layers of fabric. Space the cuts about an inch apart.

Once you've made snips down the entire side, flip the shirt over, and reposition the sides to create  new fold. (See the picture below.)

Now add more 1/2 inch snips between the original cuts, again along the fold.

Make your way down the entire side of the shirt, and move onto the next column.

Let the armholes and collar of the shirt guide the length of the columns, being sure to not cut through to the armholes or neckline. To be safe, I left an inch or so between all snips and shirt edges.

Continue adding columns of snips, working from the front side to the back, until the columns meet up.

Wear with pride, and to all those nay-sayers who tell you "1991 called and wants its shirt back," say, "Thanks, I made it!"


  1. Another killer one :)

  2. So cute!!! I've done this with old tshirts, making reusable "mesh" grocery bags too! I think I love the tank... must make! Oooh how cute would like a mens XL be as a swimsuit coverup?!

  3. erin ~ what a stellar idea!! and it looks simple enough = may have to try this one!!
    xx ~ kristina

  4. I love it! I think it's great for layering even if it's a bold look, xoxo Julieta

  5. Da um pouco de trabalho mesmo, mas fica muito legal! Eu gostei!


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