September 28, 2011

The Odd Couple: DIY Sparkly Embroidery Thread Necklace

With the friendship bracelet trend this past summer that ran rampant like the plague, an interesting combination of materials popped up: humble embroidery floss and rhinestones. (See Frieda & Nellie)

Jolita Jewelry took it to a whole other level, with this "faux silk and vintage crystal necklace." Subtext: string and your grandma's old costume jewelry. Too easy. It's a spin on Victorian mourning jewelry, when Victorians would adorn themselves with jewelry made with the hair of a deceased loved one. I've heard of Victorian brooches and lockets containing hair... but a whole braid like this? Sheesh.

History lesson over. Let's do it.

Tools and Materials:
Embroidery thread (I used about 9 skeins in a tonal range of pinks, coral, and fuschia)
Crystal/rhinestone necklace

I began by unwinding the skeins and making three bundles (of three skeins each), a little over three times the length of my necklace. 

I tied the ends together, keeping the bundles separate, then began braiding. You'll need to save a piece of thread about twice as long as the bundles for attaching the necklaces together later.

I continued until the braid was about 3 inches longer, on each end, from the necklace, then knotted the loose strings. I trimmed down the remaining string on each end.

Next, I lined up the necklace with the braid, and made note of where I wanted the rhinestone necklace to become attached.

I threaded up a needle with string, and tied the embroidery thread around some strings of the braid.

I used the needle to sew the thread through the braid and wrapped in between the rhinestones. At the end of the necklace, I tied off the embroidery thread and tucked in the loose ends.

I attached with jump rings a larger ring and clasp...

... and it's done!


  1. Pretty! I love how glamorous yet casually, undone this looks. Such a fresh use for rhinestone jewellery.

  2. This came out really well!! I love it.

  3. ooh, I love this! Yours came out fabulous!

  4. This i so cool. I'm going to try it!

  5. wonderfull!!! Nice idea!! :) I have found inspiration! :)

  6. oh this one is pure genius!! i love how the braid looks more complicated than it really is!! {my kind of crafts} gorgeousness!!
    xx ~ kristina

  7. Pretty neat idea. It can also be one of those boho headbands.

  8. Cool!! I'm gonna do this! :)

  9. wow, this is awesome!

  10. I'd definitely follow this tutorial! :)

  11. You are so creative and generous to share your beauty. I plan to make this and thank you.

  12. I love it! Thanks for sharing it

  13. Anonymous10:33 AM

    This is illustrated so well. I love this!


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