September 16, 2011

NYFW quickie: DIY wrapped leather bangle

My favorite part of fashion week is jewelry. No surprise, right? Here's armful for ya, a including a bangle (or four) from Dannijo that's DIYing to be made. I love the one second from bottom. A simple combination of a base bracelet (or even a short piece of PVC pipe that fits over your hand--- wait. My brain just went into hyper-drive thinking up PVC pipe bracelet possibilities.) and suede lace. Hot glue and wrap a base color around the inside and out (just don't glue on the outside) of the bracelet, leaving slack to weave more lace underneath. Lift up a couple of strands of the base color, and begin weaving in some other colors of lace or even a braid. You could cover up where the new colors begin and end under the strands of the base layer.

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks-- I've got loads of awesome projects coming, but I'm trying really hard to not give it all up at once. (Now that is some old-fashioned birds and the bees advice.) You always have to keep them wanting for more.


  1. Wow, I could tell you were in Hyperdrive, just reading,LOL, thats a good thing.Cause you put me there. Thanxz, Sue-Z

  2. PVC is not good for your body


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