September 26, 2011

The Non-DIY DIY, or Work Watcha Mama Gave Ya

Sometimes, I forget that part of my do-it-yourself "ethics" is working with what I've got. As much as I love (and believe me, I LOVE) running to the hardware/craft/bead/trim/junk store to grab materials for a project I'm just itching to make or the latest HonestlyWTF craze (seriously, how do they do it? Those ladies did for Home Depot and hex nuts what some feathery chick [harhar] did for those poor roosters), the cost of those supplies can add up. Granted, compared to what it would cost to buy the inspiration pieces, I'm not breaking the bank.

But, when you don't have to buy a darn thing, it's pretty satisfying. Though formula for these non-projects isn't original-- brooch + necklace = new necklace -- it's nice to be reminded that the only thing you have to own to DIY is creativity. Once you have that, you can reinterpret everyday objects into amazing projects.

A couple of old pins from the stash.

For this necklace, I took an extra piece of chain and just slid the links on either end onto the brooch and fastened.

Loop a continuous strand of beads onto a brooch like so.

By playing with where you fasten the brooch in between beads, making the inner loop of bead longer than the outer, you can come up with different draping.


  1. That is a wonderful idea!

  2. Great idea!

    And I love the new blog header! Fabulous!

  3. Thanks! and @Tanya-- for the header I couldn't resist turquoise! :)

  4. erin ~ this last set of pearls w. the black brooch is really pretty! i saw something similar to this in a japanese fashion magazine!
    xoxo ~ kristina

  5. wooo you're a genious!!


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