September 4, 2011

memory lane

While cleaning out my bedroom at my parents' house, I reorganized what I like to call my posterity drawer. No, it's not a drawer of lingerie designed for the purpose of procreation. Ick. Instead, it's the bottom of my bureau, where I relegate clothing that I don't wear any more but just. can't. throw. out. My justification for hoarding is that some day, my hypothetical children (if they are cool enough) will want to rock my old threads like its 2002 again. Are 11 t-shirts (not counting the ones I still wear) of classic rock bands 11 shirts too many? Other items in the drawer sentimentally and sartorially pull at my heart strings. My sized-too-small mall-rat-brand flares that promised me SoCal sun-kissed cool (cough, hollister, cough). My first pair of skinny jeans with patched up holes in the crotch!

Most importantly to TIMI's intents and purposes are my early DIYs found in the posterity drawer. Both projects were complete originals! (N.B. Those are two different turquoise and paisley fabrics. I had still have a penchant for turquoise and paisley.)

Bag with wood handles

I shudder imagining what vintage piece from my mom's limited collection was harmed in the making of this top/tunic/dress thing. The solid fabric was butchered from the wife of William the Conqueror costume my grandma made me for a world history class presentation I gave in 9th grade.

I stumbled across this ribbon tag in my sewing box when making the shirt. I have no idea where it came from, but am guessing my grandmother or grandfather (he once used a stapler instead of pins to sew my sister a pink plaid polyester shift dress) saw my budding talent and preemptively made my own labels.
Or so I like to think.


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