September 11, 2011

A long way to the top, part deux: DIY metal statement necklace

Here it is! As promised, here's how I made my Chrysler Building inspired necklace.

What you need:
Some sort of pliable flat metal. I picked up this random piece at the hardware store.
Jump rings
Tin snips
Block of wood
Metal file

Estimated time: 1 episode of Law and Order. (By the way, have you ever noticed how Madga from Sex and the City is all over the L&O franchise?!)

More of the how-to after the jump!

I created and cut out paper templates of the shapes I wanted to cut from the metal. Trace the templates onto the metal with a Sharpie, and cut using the tin snips.

Next, mark where you want to put the holes for the jump ring to connect the pieces. Keep in mind the size of your jump rings. You don't want holes spaced far apart when your jump ring is small. Put the metal piece on a block of wood. Hold a thin nail in place over the mark, and use the hammer to push the nail through and make a hole.

Use the file to remove sharp edges around the hole. Use the jump rings to connect the pieces together.

Clean off the Sharpie marks with nail polish remover. Attach chain to the top piece with two more jump rings. We're done!

I'm also imagining you could decorate the metal pieces with perforations and cut outs using a drill bit, smaller tin snips, and some dexterity.


  1. this is fantastic - nice work!

  2. Love it! Great job :)

  3. Great tutorial! it very beautiful, thanks...

  4. You are sooo soooo creative! I love it. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

  5. Anonymous1:25 PM

    very pretty could go one step further use rivets in your holes for a more finished look. If you do them in copper you can oxidize the piece may be a little hammering to distress it also using rivets for a more steam punk look.


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