September 1, 2011

life update

Dearest friends, and I mean more like real friends and not internet friends, but if you're an internet friend and still want to know what's going on in my life, we have potential to be real friends!

It's official. Yesterday was the last day of August and the last day Chez Algonquin. I'm moved out! Yours truly is currently homeless until I crash with B and we go to Thailand/cross-country/the Caribbean. Which one will it be? Stay tuned to find out!

But before any of those things happen, I'm going on an artists retreat, aka journey to the motherland. I plan on recharging, revamping and amping up some things, such as a facelift for this blog. Ha! Now it's in writing and I have to do it. That, my friends, is a do-it-yourself Jedi mind trick.


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