August 20, 2011

weekend [purse] update: tassels and more

Sorry for the hiatus, gang. (I just called you all gang. Zoinks.)
A few important things to mention before getting crafty:
1) I'm done with my primary job because 2) I move out in less than 2 weeks! Afterward, I'll briefly sojourn in the midwest to catch up with family. It's not a coincidence that my visit in the heartland will overlap with the Missoni launch at Target... no way I'm waiting overnight outside the Target in Brooklyn.

Here are two ways you can be a quick-purse-change-artist. First: tassels.

1. I used my X-acto knife to cut scrap leather into thin strips a few inches long. Having a metal ruler and cutting map helped.

2. I bundled the strips together and wrapped masking tape around the end. I trimmed down the wrapped up end to fit into a metal bead cap. Then, I made a second tassel of leather strips. (Sorry the photo's blurry!)

3. I threaded the caps onto leather cord. A note on the bead caps-- my cord was too thick, so I used a hammer and nail to enlarge the hole. I tied the cord on each end so the caps would conceal the knotted ends of the cord when slid down. I put super glue in the bead caps, and then inserted the masking tape end of the tassel.

4. After the glue dried, I looped the tassels around the strap of my thrifted Coach bag. I take this bag everywhere, but always felt it needed a lil' somethin'. Voila!

On to project number two!

For the second purse alteration, I simply used leftover chain from the hardware store (I can't even remember what I bought it for...), a clutch I recently picked up at my other job (can you guess where??), and some safety pins.

I pinned the chain inside the clutch lining, and turned it into a cross-body bag. I still can't remember why I bought that chain. This is driving me crazy.

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  1. I just stumbled across this blog and happened to notice your Columbus College of Art and Design ruler.... that's where I went to school! Haha small world :) I like your stuff!


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