August 5, 2011

safety (pins) first

I’ve developed a bit of a Friday ritual, as during this summer, Fridays have become me-days. B works Friday nights, I’m not moonlighting as a babysitter or shop girl, and this place is just too ridiculous with tourists to leave the apartment after 8 pm. Today, after I woke up from a delightful nap post-pool (hooray taking half-days!), I began my typical Friday routine. 

Things often included: running, trying to clean something, finally shaving my legs, and updating the blog. Things always included: making the rounds to the craft store and grocery. Maybe the hardware store and Target too if I’m feeling frisky. Once home, the games begin. I first make something delicious, a relief from the fast and frozen food of the week; then I make something DIY, such as this fun safety pin necklace.

The how-to is after the jump!

Here are the goods from last week’s run. 

Things of note: fabric paint, brass coupling tubes, more hex nuts, and some metal do-dah. And beads. But you can see that.

What I used for my safety pin necklace:
A big stash of safety pins
Loads of small beads
Jump rings and closures
An estimated time of two episodes of Project Runway. (YES IT’S ON LIFETIME AND I STILL WATCH IT, OK?!?)

I made my necklace based on this how-to. My differences: I strung the safety pins through the spring (hole not big enough? stick in some needle-nose pliers and open them up to stretch it wider) and onto chain, which presented some problems.

All spread out, the pins and beads look pretty, right?

Dangle the necklace, and then it’s a giant clusterf***. (Should I be censoring myself? Should I just avoid potty language? I’m such a blogging n00b.)

The best solution I came up with was to put jump rings in the chain links in between the safety pins so they couldn’t slide around and jumble up. I began with the center safety pin, and added rings to both sides through the chain links. That part is critical so they anchor each pin in place.

I then slid down the next safety pin up to the ring by the center pin and added a ring to the side of the new pin. Do this again with all the pins. Now the pins can’t move around, and the bead pattern is clearer.

Much better.


  1. I love this! I am heading out to get safety pins now!

  2. I made a bracelet this way once and I'm dying to make more safety pin jewelry cuz it's AWESOME!

  3. nice work! this came out really, really well!

    xx grace

  4. thanks for the love everyone! i'm just amazed i finally got around to making this!


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