August 10, 2011

mini-project: diy hardware necklace

Here's another project from the loot I scooped up on the recent crafty shopping trip.

It's based on this necklace from Anthropologie. The formula: faux-leather cord + beads + brass coupling parts from the random plumbing bits section of the hardware store. When I was wearing it at work, one of my managers told me two things. 1. I need to stop going to the hardware store. 2. I look like a robot. Gee, thanks.


  1. trisha10:40 PM

    What a cool DIY necklace! You can pair this up with a nice copper / bronze gown or dress.
    mens jewelry NYC

  2. Sorry, but I think your boss is totally wrong! This is unique and gorgeous :) I would be proud to wear it. As for my "other" thoughts, well lets just say the imagination runs wild with idea's, lol! I can easily see a set of a bracelet to go with this necklace. Likewise as few other thoughts too, as with your compression sleeves bracelets. YOU ROCK!


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