August 21, 2011

knotty in bed: embroidery thread and hexnut necklace

Ever wonder why so many of my photos have the rumpled, off-white background? Two reasons. First, I learned NOTHING in high school photography class. Our "teacher" had neck skin that flapped like a turkey's wattle. Ew. But you just learned what that thing is called!

Back to the second reason: it's because I do most of my crafting/tv-watching/living on my bed. Here's a typical crafternoon scene.

Just earlier today, I was telling a friend about how I was hitting a creative wall. For the past week or two, I look at my boxes of beads, ribbons, rope, metal bits, and chains and wish something was DIYing to be made. But, not much luck. I've also felt that I want to make more original projects--less copying of designers, stores, and other crafters. A quick browse on Pinterest (follow me!) and suddenly my own ideas came flooding forth. 

This project used up leftover thread from some botched embroidery projects and the hardware store gem, the hex nut. Those little guys are DIY MVPs. Cheap, geometric, shiny, they are a bead alternative with weight.

To make your own version of this simple necklace, lay out strands of embroidery thread in colors of your choosing. You want the the threads to be at least 8 inches longer than your planned necklace length to account for the knotting.

Tie the bunch of threads into a knot, slide on a few hex nuts, knot it again, and repeat.

Because I was a little shy on thread, I tied both ends into a knots, attached jump rings to the thread and used those to connect a clasp. It's so easy I made two!

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  1. crafternoon. epic made up word success.


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