July 15, 2011

Welcome home and high summer

Lies. This wasn't a travel blog, because China hates blogspot. I'm back, with DIY spilling out of my ears. Why? Because, following the advice of A Pair and a Spare, I dragged Allison to the Sham Shui Po neighborhood in Hong Kong, where we got caught in a bead shop during torrential downpour. Luckily, this was after we filled our bellies at the world's cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant (Michelin to the people!), Tim Ho Wan. Once we found our way in Sham Shui Po (walking down some stinky fishy streets), the shops there were heaven! Every kind of chain, ribbon, cord... I got lots of goodies, but wish it were always down the street from me. And that torrential rain? We walked through it to the ferry. Every time we traveled it POURED, except the day I left. Why, China, why?
Here's an example of Sham Shui Po's magic...
Here's my first project from the goods I picked up, including this great turquoise braided leather bolo cord. I'm not crazy about the bracelet, so I might pull it apart and use it for something else. Or, if you really like it, tell me and I will give it to you. Seriously. I'm making more stuff than I can wear. And sorry for the crappy cellphone pictures-- the camera is still full from vacation pictures.

To begin: leftover studs from M&J trimming, pliers, and the cord, about a yard long, folded in half and tied with a loop at the end.
Line up the stud with the cord so that one strand of cord fits snugly between the 2 prongs on each corner.
Use the pliers to fold down the prongs to hold the stud in place. Repeat adding studs with even space in between each stud. Add as many as you want or can fit. I wanted to be able to see a lot of the turquoise.
Tie the loose ends into a knot and pull through the other end's loop to fasten.
LYLASOTFOJ! (dear sisters, I'm sorry I didn't call on the 4th to wish you all LYLAS)


  1. Anonymous6:05 PM

    what does LYLASOTFOJ mean

    1. It's a silly and senseless inside joke with my younger sisters, meaning "love you like a sister on the fourth of july."


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