July 29, 2011

road films and harness boots

Summer, the pending move, the upcoming adventures, all make me think that insatiable urge to go. I've tried to satiate my appetite until this fall with some road themed movies in the air conditioning of my apartment. Because sitting still without biting my nails is so challenging (and boring!) I multitask while watching TV with a crafty project. Inspired by the 2 Bandits line, here's an homage to the open road and the quintessential road film, Easy Rider, second only to Bonnie and Clyde. If Bonnie Parker had stomped around in boots with chain and leather harnesses, then this one would be to her.

The how-to is after the jump!
What you need:

A pair of boots (and apparently a vacuum)

Scrap leather (at least 2x10 inches, or 2 pieces of 1x10 inches)
40 inches of chain
At least 6 D-rings
Super glue
A snack (spicy thai chips!) and a beer (not pictured)

What to do:
1. Cut the leather into to strips that are just narrower than the width of your D-rings (about a fat inch in this case), and long enough to wrap almost all of the way around the ankle of your boots, about 10 inches.
2. Cut chain into 4 10 inch pieces

3. Attach to pieces of chain to one D-ring. I opened up the D-ring, which I don't recommend because it was difficult to close. Instead, use your pliers to open up the end links of the chain, attach and close.
4. Open up the links of the other ends of chain, and attach them to 2 D-rings stacked together, on the flat side of the ring.

5. Slide the leather about an inch through the D-ring, fold over the flat side of the ring, and use glue to attach the leather to itself.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 for the second chain harness, let glue dry.
7. Wrap harnesses around boots, pulling leather end through D-rings. Adjust for the right amount of slouch.

Time to kick back and enjoy the open road. Or Natural Born Killers. Or Wild at Heart. Or True Romance. (Warning, not for the squeemish. And please don't go on a cross-country killing spree while wearing your boots.)

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  1. nice DIY! do u like Susan boots? I made a DIY version


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