June 23, 2011

young DIY-ers and a brief interruption to regular programming

First off, some 4th grade girl scouts came into the museum today to work on a badge with me. Start with their love arts and crafts, throw me into the equation, and naturally we made jewelry! I talked to them about using everyday objects (showing off some of my own jewelry in the process!) and after we looked at jewelry from around the world that uses different materials, I challenged them to use as many materials as they could. I love seeing that burgeoning sense of aesthetic. Here are some of the projects the scouts made:

Wire and hex nut bracelet. She came up with it on her own! Bible! (kardashian reference?).

And of course, I couldn't sit out on the fun, so I made some Feather earrings!

Working with kids and being crafty certainly go hand-in-hand. Whether it's finger painting with the babies to tile mosaics with the older ones, I love that my day job is making things and helping kids learn by doing. After finishing my own project, I feel the same pride that these girls did.
Oh, you kept reading and didn't get tired of me talking about children? Thanks! In other news, I leave for China this weekend! In lieu of DIY fun, we're going to shift briefly into travelblog mode. I'm hoping to score some great cheap goodies and materials while there!


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