June 20, 2011

TIMI around the home

I really found my DIY zeal when I began nesting here at the 'Gonks. Interior design blogs, a lovely birthday book, and many, many trips to home improvement stores resulted in some fun projects I want to share before I move out (ack!) at the end of the summer.
For starters, something a little literary...
I always hit up book stores whenever I travel. I first discovered appealing clean design and bright colors of cheap Penguin paperbacks (below, in orange and lime green) in a shop in Israel, and they continued to thrillingly pop up in India and Australia. I'm going to be on the look out in Hong Kong next week!
When I found out Penguin was releasing a postcard box set of these classic covers, both with the single color bands and some fun illustrations, I pre-ordered as soon as I could and began marking in pencil a grid on the wall next to my book shelves. I used small wire nails and metal binder clips to hang the cards in a non-permanent way, just in case I need to drop one of the cards in the mail.
The book nook

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  1. Wow, didn't know these existed!! Ordered a set of them right away, thank you so much for this post!! xo Maria


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