June 7, 2011

tell me about it, stud

My thumbs are going to fall off. I spent 90 minutes pressing studs/nail heads into a pair of plain white TOMS I wore only a few times. Turning the volume up and down on the remote now feels like the way it must feel for body builders to carry a watermelon. i.e., a piece of cake.
The victims of my Frankensteinian experiment
While you could plan the studs out, I'm more of a don't measure and hope it comes out ok kind of gal.
The inside of the studs-- I had extra careful to fold the prongs down because you don't want to hurt your feetsies
After pushing the stud through the canvas, I used the nose of my pliers to fold down the stud prongs, holding it in place on the other side with a penny (to protect my finger tip) and my super-bendable thumbs. Did I ever show you how I can bend my thumbs back to almost a right angle? No? Ok then.


  1. Love these you need to post them to upcycled Awesome this week! http://tinyurl.com/upcycled67

  2. These are amazing!

  3. where do you get your studs from?

    1. M&J trim is my go to, but I hear great things about www.studsandspikes.com


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