June 6, 2011

easy peasy bracelet

Using the trim I picked up this weekend, here's an easy how-to for making a wrap bracelet that can be made a million different ways, using any sort of pretty trim, embroidery, ribbon... whatever! The easiest way to wear one of those things would be to tie it around your wrist (duh). But, I like the idea of making it an "official" bracelet by adding the metal findings. To do this, all you need is trim/ribbon of your choice, 2 jump rings, 2 ribbon clamps, and a clasp.
These are ribbon clamps.
1. Wrap the trim around your wrist to measure. Once, twice, thrice... it's up to you.
2. Cut to size.
3. Slide trim into ribbon clamp, and squeeze the clamp down using pliers. Or your gorilla strength teeth, but don't tell the dentist I said that.
4. Attach clasp to clamps with jump rings.


  1. that's a nice trim, is that beads?where did u buy it?

    1. it's not beaded, but embroidered. I got it at M&J trim, similar to this: http://www.mjtrim.com/3-4-fancy-stretch-wave-braid.html


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