June 5, 2011

birthday weekend!

First of all, thank you to all my friends with their birthday wishes Thursday!!!
I had a lovely jam-packed weekend staying with B in the city. We had lots of adventures, and many things pertain to my DIY and jewelry obsessions hobbies.
B got me this nifty fork bracelet (matches my teaspoon handle earrings from Erobb!!)
I wore it allll the next day, from the Chinese consulate general (I got my visa!), aboard the USS Intrepid, and way uptown to the Van Cleef & Arpels exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt (more on that soon).
Then, it disappeared! We tore the apartment and my purse apart, but no luck. The next day, I bought a new one, because loosing a present from someone special is a terrible feeling. I wore fork bracelet 2.0 as I ran about, and then mid-afternoon, glanced at my wrist and noticed it missing. AGAIN. I sat down, panicking, but luckily found it in the bottom of my bag. Needless to say, I kept it in my bag until I came home today and could replace the clasp with something more reliable, a lobster claw.
The VC&A exhibit was stunning, and a glittery collection that must cost a fortune. I especially loved their original minaudieres, which neatly compartmentalize essentials and include functional surprises, like a pop-out watch. The versatile functions of the jewelry was also fascinating. I like to fancy that nothing I make is permanent-- many projects I've posted here have already seen new incarnations or modifications.
This necklace zips up to form a bracelet. Via Smithsonian Magazine.
The lady's Swiss Army Knife. From VC&A's flickr. Check it out for more images!
And, at long last, I made it to my Mecca-- M&J Trimming. Here's a peak of my new supplies (not too many, because my brain shutdown with happiness and I couldn't think of more pending projects). On the menu: studded TOMS, wrap bracelet and headband with the oceanic blue trim, and a metal sequin necklace inspired by one I spotted at Madewell.


  1. I took Aliza and Brian to see The Spoonman when they were here--Aliza got a fork ring for Mama Trav. Hope your birthday card made it on time!! HUGGLES!

  2. Cool site! Looking forward to checking it out more!


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