May 19, 2011

tonight, we dance

Fact: I love the 70's.
Fact: I love disco (please see "Fancy Dance 2010")
When I found this Lizzie Fortunato Disco Bracelet, I thought the following things. One, disco! Two, I have chain just like that leftover from another project (to be posted eventually)!
(see that chinese finger trap in the corner?! becca and i won it at the bowling alley!!)
I sewed the embroidery thread through the links of the box chain. Once I reached the end of the chain I went up the other side to make sure each link was woven together.
I tied up the ends, and shook my groove thang.

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  1. The chain is really chic! I must tell you that if y go to Argentina, you could make a lot of money selling these. There are several squares where artisans sell their stuff. I had an apartment rental in Buenos Aires near the Armenian square and all kinds of things were sold. It is all hand-made, you feel you are buying quality products!


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