May 17, 2011


ohmigawd, when I started this blog Iwasn't nearly as busy--but I will not give up! Here's another couple of projects. I'm just now coming down from a tassel bender. I jumped on the make-your-own-tassel-earrings train, with inspiration coming from here, here, and here.
The results:
Top: Emroidery thread + buttons + super glue + earring hooks
Bottom: curtain tassels + buttons + super glue + earring hooks and loads of cheap chain + earring hooks
In my fantasy world I'm wearing them with my disco bracelet, giggling in a corner of Studio 54 with Mick and Halston.
The reality is though that they are not child proof (ouch) so they only come out for schmancy occasions.
Giving my ears a break, I used some pre-made chain fringe from Michael's, added bead caps, doubled up some chain, and created this tassel necklace.


  1. yo, i have a pair of earrings like that! they're made with suede and instead of a button it looks more like the hardware from a bolo tie. either way, they're totally awesome. you go gurl!

  2. erobb, that sounds amazing. and very you!


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