May 10, 2011

more snakey snakes and thanky thanks

i'm trying to not pee my pants with giddiness because Grace from Stripes and Sequins, DIY maven, shouted out "Thanks, I Made It" on her blog. As a total newb, that's pretty awesome. And if you're a newb to my site, welcome!
To my dearest friends, thank you so much for your sweet comments and support! My love to you all over the world! I'll be working out some growing pains (ie, erin vs. the computer), but I'm excited you could join me for the ride.
A few thoughts:
1. Thanks, I made it could be abbreviated to TIMI. Meet my new pet. It's a blog named Timi.
2. I should show you a few more things with snake beads because they are just too much fun.
Giles and Brother by Philip Crangi via
Isabel Marant via
Another history lesson/I'm-really-late-to-this-DIY-party tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. ha! you are too cute. glad you liked the shout-out. I CANNOT wait for my snake beads to arrive!



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