May 9, 2011

DIY Wrapped Rope Necklace

When it comes to my favorite days out of the year, there is little surprise which ones rank up there. My birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day... There's nothing like a good holiday to make crafty decorations and not so subtly remind others that you really, really like flowers.

Last week, b introduced me to another holiday to add to my list: Star Wars Day, also known as 5/4, where everyone delivers good cheer by spreading the message, "may the fourth be with you." This now is only my list of other awesome days of the year, such as March Fo(u)rth (the only day that is a sentence), 10-4 good buddy (trucker talk)... noticing a pattern? These days are all on the 4th!

There is a diy project in here, I promise.
The magic number four is all you need to know for making these roped up numbers.

I wrapped up simple rope I borrowed from work with embroidery thread using your standard hair wrap technique (I was never one of those cool girls who came home from spring break in Florida with a hair wrap, but I digress).

1. Knot your choice of embroidery threads around a rope.
2. Pick your starting color, keeping the other threads alongside the rope.
3. Pull the thread to the right, then bring it across the rope, making the number 4.

4. Wrap the thread behind the rope, bring though the four, and pull tight.
5. Repeat, repeat, repeat
6. Once you section of the first color is long enough, put it back with the other threads and pull out another color and keep wrapping/knotting away. Tie all the threads around the rope and double knot when done.

Once I had enough wrapped rope, I tied it into a chain sinnet , glued the open ends together, and wrapped it up with more thread. Take that anthropologie!

PS: For the hot pink one, I hot-glued on bead caps to the end of the rope and attached to a chain.


  1. I'm glad this post includes a pun label in addition to the necklace label. I hope one day I can review all your posts that are pun-related. LYLASOTFOJ!!

  2. nice work my dear!

    also, gave you a shout-out on my blog today, thanks for the tip re: snake beads!

  3. great idea!
    Since the time i've been looking for a blog like yours to inspire me, now i've got it!

  4. Those are some rockin' gorgeous necklaces.

  5. p.s. How do you keep your chain from just pulling loose? Tx.

  6. @ Bromellad: I put bead caps over head pins, glued the caps and top of pin to the end of the rope, then trimmed and wrapped the wire into a loop. The loop was attached to the chain with a jump ring.

  7. Do you remember how long the rope was that you started with for the blue one? Thanks- great project!

    1. Kirsten- I think I used about 6-7 feet. I suggest cutting a long length of rope before you wrap it, and skipping to tying it in a chain sinnet to get an idea of how much you need for the necklace to be the size you want. Undo the chain and then wrap it with embroidery thread.


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