May 20, 2011

buttons and bows*

Using the tutorial I found here, I made this lovely bow necklace. Snarky significant others may call it a pretzel necklace, but I think a little bow is a dainty dose of delicacy. (can't resist alluring alliteration!) (stop it erin.)
But, sometimes, I pretend I'm more BAMF than ballerina.
Using the leftover chain from the tassel lariat necklace, I folded it into the shape of a bow and wrapped the center with wire a few times, adding a jump ring during one of those wraps.
An easy switch for those phases when I want to feel like a tough cookie. Since that Joan Jett Halloween costume in 8th grade, they just keep coming...
And speaking of buttons, I thought I'd show you this project, my gateway DIY from earlier this year. Using jump rings and pliers, I attached several mismatched chains together and jazzed them up using blazer buttons I collected from my grandmothers' button jars.
LYLASOTFOJ! *mama kathy's nickname for the littlest E sister


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