April 18, 2014

DIY Around the World: United Kingdom

In my offline life, I'm wrapping up my final semester of graduate school (so close, yet so far!) for my master's degree in international education. Since I was a kid, I've always want to learn about how different countries and cultures approach the same general idea, and have decided to channel that interest into a post about DIY in other parts of the world. In case you missed it, last time we visited the rhinestone capital of South Korea with Allison, and now we're headed to the UK.

Up today is Francesca from one my favorite DIY blogs, Fall for DIY. If you haven't visited it yet, you're missing out because she's amazingly creative-- just look what the girl can do with concrete! Read on for her take on DIY in the United Kingdom, how she's made DIY her day job, and Birmingham's popular crafts.

April 16, 2014

DIY Leather Heart Earrings

I had a scrap of gold leather leftover from last week's DIY project, and wanted to make a sweet little heart-shaped earrings. Using scissors to carefully cut a heart shape plus a little dab glue, I quickly made this pair. I love how dainty they are!

April 14, 2014

Inspiration: Heart Earrings

Lately I've been expanding my collection of delicate, everyday studs. A pair of hearts would add nicely to the collection, don't you think? You know where this is going... here's my inspiration for a (very easy!) DIY coming Wednesday. Enjoy the start of your week!

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