April 29, 2015

DIY Wrapped Crystal Bracelet

I've got an easy one for you today! This simple project is the perfect way to play with bold, bright colors and is a fun mix of textures with acrylic rhinestones in setting combined with crafty embroidery thread. Blank cuffs like these are incredibly versatile and easy to embellish any way you choose, like this DIY wrapped crystal bracelet! Read on for the ultra-fast how-to!

April 9, 2015

DIY Marble Necklace

Okay, okay. It's not really marble. But as I mentioned earlier this week, you can get the marble look with another stone, howlite. (Fun fact-- howlite is easily dyed all the colors of the rainbow to imitate other stones, like turquoise. For a serious throwback, check out howlite beads in this DIY spike necklace!)  There are many fun tutorials out there for marbleized DIYs, but they often require messy mixing and swirling of clay or paint. Instead, I chose a no muss, no fuss approach, letting the natural texture of the beads achieve the marble look! I love the end result-- a simple graphic combination of marblesque black and white howlite beads with wood beads I hand painted for the right shade of grey. Read on for the easy how-to!

April 7, 2015

DIY Inspiration: Marblesque

Unless you under a rock (har har), marble is everywhere. As the background to your favorite Instagrammer's carefully arranged morning latte and scone, taking over Pinterest with marble contact paper crafts... it's hard to resist the luxe look of the swirled black and white stone. I've also noticed marble's doppelganger, the stone howlite, popping up more and more in jewelry, like these pieces I've rounded up below. Howlite beads are easy to find, a simple way to get the marblesque look for less. I grabbed myself a strand of howlite beads and can't wait to share how I used them!

Lele Sadoughi bracelet | Rebecca Minkoff earrings  (25% off your purchase in Shopbop's spring sale!)

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